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You're on the Frontline everyday. Our educators are too.

You're on the frontline everyday. Our educators are too.

Stay on top of trends and learn new skills. 

In the world of emergency operations, conditions change, as does the knowledge needed to lead the response. Our programs are designed to help you stay on top of current trends and learn new skills from a respected university. Our flexible programs are designed for adult learners looking to achieve their education goals while continuing to work in their fields. Our faculty maintains both high academic excellence as well as first-hand experience as practitioners in their respective fields, providing students with real-world perspective.

From the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe, our emergency and disaster management programs emphasize a whole community approach. This is one of the core foundations of emergency management. Our programs offer professionals the resources to prepare for careers in emergency management, emergency planning, and disaster operations. AMU adheres to the United States Fire Administration's Fire & Emergency Services Higher Education model program, and our programs meet the academic requirements of the USFA's Executive Fire Officers Program.

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Emergency & Disaster Management

Fire Science

Our Partners

The strength of our program relies on established partnerships with fire and emergency management organizations and agencies around the nation. These partnerships ensure our courses deliver relevant and current information to prepare graduates for leadership positions.

Key Partners

  • Center for Public Safety Excellence
  • International Association of Emergency Managers
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Philadelphia Fire Department
  • San Diego Firemen¹s Relief Association

Academic Partners

Partners with links have additional transfer credit details.

For more information, contact a member of our law enforcement team, a group of professionals with decades of collective, hands-on experience in police work, criminal justice, national security, and corrections.

Fire & Emergency Management Team

Additional Benefits

In Public Safety

Visit our In Public Safety blog for expert perspectives from faculty, staff, and students.

Public Safety Visor Cards

Request complimentary visor cards. These provide a great reference to help public safety professionals make the right decisions.

Learning Tracks

View our online learning tracks. We offer 3-course learning track bundles focusing on some of today’s most pressing topic areas.


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