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You're driven to serve. We're driven to help you succeed.


You're driven to serve. We're driven to help you succeed.

American Military University (AMU) was founded by a Marine Corps officer in 1991 to provide military personnel with a portable, relevant, and affordable education. Today, our mission extends to those who serve and protect our communities in law enforcement, emergency response, fire services, homeland security, and intelligence.

We know that your world requires a quality education that is as flexible as it is affordable. Our public safety degrees and certificates are taught entirely online. This means you can enter our mobile-friendly classroom at any time, on any device, in any location and work on your assignments. 

At AMU, you'll find support from our public safety industry leaders on our staff and in our classroom. Our staff includes alumni from the FBI National Academy, Chiefs of Police, unit commanders and investigators, and a former U.S. DOJ lawyer. And our faculty includes expert instructors from around the country who bring their field-tested knowledge and strategies directly into the classroom. 

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Intelligence & Homeland Security

Law Enforcement

Emergency & Disaster Management

Fire Science

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*With specialized accreditation from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) 

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Meet Our Partners

The strength of our program relies on established partnerships with public safety organizations like the FBI National Academy and the International Association of Emergency Managers to name a few. These partnerships ensure our courses deliver relevant and current information to prepare graduates for leadership positions within public safety agencies.

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