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Dr. Stephanie (Stephanie Hunziker) Myers-Hunziker

Full-Time Professor, Security and Global Studies


Ph.D. in Criminal Justice
SUNY at Albany
M.A. in Criminal Justice
SUNY at Albany
B.A. in Criminal Justice
SUNY at Albany

Research Interests

Criminal Justice, Policing, Courts, Corrections, Research methods

Positions Held

2009 - Present
Adjunct Professor

Intellectual Contributions

More Research Needed to Understand PTSD related Injuries

Stephanie M Myers-Hunziker
April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2019
In Public Safety

First Responders with Psychological Injuries Must be Eligible for Workers' Compensation, Pensions

Charles W Russo, Stephanie M Myers-Hunziker
March 2019
In Public Safety

States Need Clearer Laws on PTSD Compensation Claims for First Responders

Charles W Russo, Stephanie M Myers-Hunziker
March 2019
In Public Safety

Conducting Best Practices Research in Public Affairs

Stephanie M Myers-Hunziker
International Journal Of Public Policy

Police Culture, Individualism, and Community Policing: Evidence from Two Police Departments

Stephanie M Myers-Hunziker
Justice Quarterly


PTSD Is it Pension Worthy

ACJS 2018 Annual Meeting

PTSD: Is it pension worthy?

ACJS 2017 Annual Meeting
March 23, 2017

Us V Comstock

US v Comstock Presentation
May 4, 2011

Media Contributions

News anchors murdered on live TV, is this the new normal?

In Public Safety
August 2015
Social Media - Blog

Baltimore Riots and the true costs of poor community relationships

In Public Safety
April 2015
Social Media - Blog

Amanda Knox: A lesson in understanding the Italian justice system

In Public Safety
April 2, 2015
Social Media - Blog

The legal definition of consensual sex is likely to change in California

In Public Safety
October 2014
Social Media - Blog

Awards & Honors

May 20, 2001
Walter Francis, Distinction in Police Research, Award
University at Albany
Given to a graduate student each year that has achieved distinction in the area of policing research.
September 1, 2000
National Institute of Justice Fellowship
Award and funding for dissertation research.
School of Criminal Justice Fellowship Award
SUNY Albany, School of Criminal Justice
Presidential Undergraduate Research Award
School of Criminal Justice, SUNY Albany