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Yesli Vega

BS, Criminal Justice

Learn About Yesli

 BS in Criminal Justice | School of Security & Global Studies

Yesli’s perspective is that education is utterly vital to every aspect of one’s life, not just a career. She feels that education provides people with a clearer viewpoint on the world and ways to better engage and share their skills.

Her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from AMU expanded her knowledge and helped in her role as a police officer.

As a wife and mother with a career, going back to school was a challenge, but AMU’s flexibility allowed her to meet her goal.

How She Did it 

High School
Yesli was the first in her family to continue her education beyond high school.
Getting Started
Her family is part of the reason she decided to go back to school.
AMU allowed Yesli to do everything that she needed to do.
I was really surprised to learn that AMU worked very well because it was very flexible. I was totally able to be a mom, I was totally able to be a wife, and now I can incorporate another title—I was able to be a student.
Yesli Vega
BS, Criminal Justice

Rise to the Challenge

As the #1 provider* of education to the U.S. military, our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality, online education to all those who serve. The federal government offers a number of financial aid options to help you pay for school.