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Maintaining Your Contact Information

The doctoral programs utilize your MyCampus email address as the primary mode of communication and expect doctoral students to access this address. APUS also requires you to maintain all contact information on your student record as long as you are an active student. This is to ensure that our offices can notify you of any pending adverse academic actions, any missing document requirements, and the outcome of your student requests. Please make sure that you have access to your mycampus email and the email address you entered, as you are responsible for receiving any notifications that are time sensitive. You may update your current email address via the Edit Profile link in the dropdown next to your name at the top of your ecampus.

You will receive emailed invitations to share your feedback with us through various surveys about your experiences with us, your needs as a student, etc. We value and encourage your participation in our surveys, as your feedback plays a significant role in our continuous improvement processes.

Participation in a survey is voluntary unless otherwise stated in the email. Although you are required to receive the emailed student survey invitations, you may choose to skip certain surveys and submit your feedback for others, based on the topic of the survey. If you have any questions about the survey process, please contact

If you are disenrolled or have graduated, and do not wish to have APUS contact you again, you may submit a Do Not Contact request by emailing us at Doing so will remove your email addresses from our student record system so that you no longer receive any emails from the University.

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