MilestonesEvery edition we invite students, alumni, faculty and staff to share their most recent milestones with us, so that we may share their news with you! We hope that you celebrate with them in these moments, as much as we have. If you would like us to celebrate a milestone in your life, please use our online form and submit your milestone today.

Class of 2011

Roger Singh (M.A. in History) is currently writing chapters 1 to 3 on his Ph.D. dissertation in Public Policy and Administration. Recently visited Moscow and St. Petersburg for cultural studies. April, 2015, visiting Istanbul, Turkey for Academic Residency. Student Ambassador and member of panel for regional accreditation at Walden University.

Robert Walker (M.A. in Intelligence Studies) was awarded the Distinguished Graduate and Academic Achievement Awards upon graduation from the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (2014)

Donald Barnett (M.A. in Management) accepted a Presidential Management Fellows appointment with the Social Security Administration located in Chicago, IL.

Matthew Bradt (B.A. in Information Technology) recently earned a B.S., IT Management.

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Class of 2013

Beth White (M.A. in Military History) became a licensed business owner in July 2014 and opened Civil War Tours of Lynchburg.

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Class of 2014

Stephanie Nukis (M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management) was named a university Ambassador, participated in video interviews during Commencement 2014, and was recently a guest speaker at a university open house.

Clariza D'Auria (Undergraduate Certificate in Microsoft Office Applications) earned a B.A., International Relations, and graduated with honors.

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Current Students

David Clay (M.A. in History) and his wife recently adopted their seven-year-old foster son and are extremely happy to have him join his two sisters and their long line of proud Clay family members.

Ronald Finlaw (M.A. in Security Management) was conferred with a Security Fundamentals Professional Certification.

Katie Guasto (B.S. in Legal Studies) got married to her “one and only” Sept. 13, 2014.

Terrance Kirkland (B.A. in Psychology) was recognized as the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) 2014 Military Service Person of the Year for the U.S. Navy in South Florida.

Robert Modrall (Master’s in Business Administration) recently completed the 4,000 volunteer hours necessary to receive the Presidential Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

G.R. “Ross” Patterson (Master’s in Public Administration) was appointed to the Emergency Management Advisory Committee by the County Commissioners of Forsyth County, NC, and elected Co-Chair of the committee.

Donald Reagan (B.A. in Psychology) started his first class in Oct. 2014.

Coma Robinson (M.S. in Sports Management) entered 18th year of active-duty service as a single mother while pursuing a master’s degree.

Faculty & Staff

President and CEO Dr. Wally Boston, EVP and Provost Dr. Karan Powell, and VP, Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice will present “De-MOOC-ifying Online Learning” at the Internet, Policy & Politics Conference at the University of Oxford on September 26.

VP, Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice submitted the patent “System and Method for Personalized Learning” and it was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

School of Business faculty members Dr. George Gannage has had a paper, “A Comparative Study of the Growth of ICT in the United States and Nigeria: 1990 to present," accepted for publication in International Journal of Marketing & Financial Management.

Dr. Angela Gibson and Senior Online Librarians Priscilla Coulter and Susan Sartory were awarded the 2014 Online Learning Consortium (formly Sloan-C) Effective Practice Award for a paper entitled: "Bringing the Library to Life: Live Librarian Instruction in a First-Year Online Course.”

International Relations faculty Octavius Pinkard was interviewed by BBC for a story entitled: “The US, IS and the conspiracy theory sweeping Lebanon.”
Cybersecurity Studies Program Director Clay Wilson wrote “Cyber Threats to Critical Information Infrastructure,” a chapter in the book Cyberterrorism: Understanding, Assessment, and Response.
Sociology and Anthropology faculty member Dr. Jennifer Cramer is presenting at the International Primatological Society's biennial Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam this week. In addition, Jennifer also organized a symposium focused on research in West Africa with the help of her 2013 APUS faculty research grant.
STEM faculty member Dr. Francesca Catalano has been invited to participate in a tweet chat sponsored by @SWEtalk. The topic is setting yourself up for student success.
Hospitality/Tourism Manager, Corporate and Strategic Relationships Omari Head was invited to serve as moderator for the general session luncheon panel at the fall LODGING Green & Sustainability Conference.
Civilian Outreach Education Coordinator Rob Stallworth is pictured in the July/August edition of American Jails Magazine.
AVP, Corporate and Strategic Relationships Michelle Maldonado was invited to present and be a webcast featured guest on the topic of talent management, development and culture transformation at the 2015 Training Conference & Expo. In addition, Michelle was invited to serve as a mentor for entrepreneur cohorts as part of Conscious Venture Labs’ entrepreneur incubator program.
Civilian Outreach Education Coordinator Jim McLaughlin has been selected to serve as the volunteer team leader for the Rhode Island Urban Search and Rescue Task Force.

Director, Fire & Emergency Services Initiatives Anthony Mangeri participated in the Private & Public Businesses, Inc. (PPBI) board of directors meeting.
AVP, Military and Community Colleges Outreach John Aldrich graduated this week from the AFCEA Leadership Forum. The six month Leadership Forum focuses on the practical application of leadership.

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