MilestonesEvery edition we invite students, alumni, faculty and staff to share their most recent milestones with us, so that we may share their news with you! We hope that you celebrate with them in these moments, as much as we have. If you would like us to celebrate a milestone in your life, please use our online form and submit your milestone today.

Class of 1999

Victor Cass (Master’s in Military Studies) has been elected president of the San Gabriel Valley chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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Class of 2000

Thomas Savage (Master’s in Education) was the guest speaker at the Naval War College on November 11, during a special Veterans Day tribute.

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Class of 2004

Monty Willaford (Master’s in Criminal Justice) has been named Spotsylvania’s new fire chief.

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Class of 2007

William Tucker (Master’s in Homeland Security) wrote "Everybody Spies – and for Good Reason," featured on Blogs of War.

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Class of 2009

Joel Hurliman (Master’s in Homeland Security) was recently featured in an article, "An Arresting Chef," in WAG magazine.

Hans Mumm (Master’s in Strategic Intelligence) recently had his paper, "Embracing The Need for Leadership in The New World of Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics," published in the Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research.

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Class of 2010

Wes O'DonnellWes O’Donnell (Master’s in Business Administration) published Pathfinder! The Veteran's Field Manual for Starting Your Own Business & Conquering the Online Economy.

Maj. Michael A. DeCicco (Master’s in Homeland Security) wrote “Helping African Union Forces with peacekeeping operations in Somalia,” featured on the Army’s website.

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Class of 2011

Bobby Cash (Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice) has a new job as a police officer.

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Class of 2012

Rob AhlersRob Ahlers (Master’s in Homeland Security) was one of seven national finalists for the Reserve Officer Association's annual MG Strom Thurmond Outstanding Junior Officer of the Year Award. Rob was the only National Guard officer in the final seven, the other six all being U.S. Army Reserve Officers.

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Class of 2013

Greta Hyland (Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management) wrote Goblin Slayers and the Value of a Landscape.

James WelchJames Welch (Master’s in Intelligence Studies)'s capstone paper, "The  Icarus Protocol: Analysis of the legal moral ethical and technological limitations and boundaries of uninhabited combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs)," has been published in the library's reserved list of outstanding papers.

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Current Students

Gary Shattuck (Master’s in Military History) presented his research of a portion of Massachusetts history at the time of Shays's Rebellion at the anniversary of that event at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Mass.

John Dougherty (Bachelor’s in Security Management) wrote "Debunking the NY Times’ Benghazi 'Report'" for Absolute Rights.

John Stephens (Bachelor’s in Emergency and Disaster Management) completed the necessary coursework and was granted Emergency Manager Certification by the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Robert ModrallRobert Modrall (Master’s in Business Administration) was recently presented with a University of Phoenix Alumni Community Service Award 2013. One hundred nominees were selected from the nationwide student body.

Darrell E. Fisher (Master’s in Military History) was named Nebraska's Executive Director of the Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, commonly referred to as the Nebraska Crime Commission.

Paul AllenPaul Allen (Bachelor’s in Homeland Security) and his lovely wife renewed their wedding vows in Jamaica after 30 wonderful years of marriage.

Charlie Graham (Master’s in Intelligence Studies) has had two articles published in Small Wars Journal: “Examining Perceptions of the Future of Egyptian Government” and “ Classifying Online Islamic Radicalism as a Cybercrime.”

Karen LonnKaren Lonn (Bachelor’s in Sociology) just became the first person in her family to receive a degree.

Shawn Ben (Bachelor’s in Mathematics) is being honored by a women's organization in Philadelphia, Pa., for starting a business after coming out of an abusive marriage.

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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Katy E. Marre (Member, Board of Trustees) participated in the Higher Learning Commission Institutional Actions Council on December 2.

Amy BurkmanDr. Amy Burkman (Director, M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision) will be presenting at the Association of Criminal Justice Sciences in Philadelphia on February 18. She also published “Superintendent Salary Study: Is There Gender Equity in Texas” for the October issue of National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision.

Dr. Kathleen Irwin (Director, School of Business Program) and Dr. Ahmed Kamel (Faculty Member) wrote “Obscure Business Intelligence OBI: Predictor Analytical Strategies for Maximum Business Performance and Market Dynamic” for the Journal of Economics, Business, and Management.

Linda Ashar (Faculty, School of Business) wrote “Individual Supervisors May Be Liable for Violation of Discrimination Laws” that appeared on the Ohio State Bar Association website.

Omari Head (Manager, Corporate Strategic Relationships, Hospitality and Tourism) has been elected to serve as the 2014 National Chair of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) Under 30 Gateway.

Anthony Mangeri (Manager, Emergency Management/Fire Service) recently published an article in the Domestic Preparedness Journal. Anthony also attended the International Disaster Conference & Expo in New Orleans where he led an educational workshop about the roles and responsibilities of sheltering operations during disasters. In addition, Anthony spoke on a panel about blast injury management and disability etiquette at the New Jersey Statewide Conference for EMS last month.

Michelle MaldanadoMichelle Maldonado (AVP, Corporate and Strategic Relationships) presented “Successful and Sustainable Leadership” at the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce's seminar on January 16.

Ron Wallace (Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice) recently published “Identifying potential challenges to providing emergency advocacy services to male victims of intimate partner violence” for Partner Abuse.

Tatiana Sehring (Director, Corporate & Strategic Relationships) will present “Driving Higher Performance: Soft Skills and Leadership Development Tools That Impact Your People and Bottom Line” at the 2014 Training & Development Conference in San Diego, Calif. She also has been appointed to The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) board of directors for 2014.

Jim Smith (Professor Emeritus, Emergency & Disaster Management) is a member of the FAA contingent to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) working group that began the organizational and design work to create a Latin American and Caribbean Airports Disaster Operations Group (“LACDOG”) in Mexico City. He also presented “The Potential for Airport-to-Airport Mutual Aid in the Latin American and Caribbean Region” at a conference in Buenos Aires.

Dr. Jennifer S. Batchelor (Program Director, Transportation and Logistics Management) was designated as a Certified Program Planner (CPP) by the Program Management Institute (LERN).

Paul Michaels (Adjunct Professor, Public Service and Health) was selected as a "20 under 40" finalist by Security Director News.

Dr. Tricia Keiter (Associate Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will be presenting during the Sloan Consortium Online Science Laboratory Mastery Series in March and April 2014.

Mike Ramlogan (Military Outreach Education Coordinator) received a special certificate of congressional recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives for his participation on the board of directors for a military educators organization.

College 100 Instructors Linda Algozzini, Linda Eckert, and Valencia Gabay; Assistant Professor Dr. Shannon Voyles; and Faculty Director Dr. Amy Peterson co-authored “First-Year Curriculum Review: Cross-Institutional Collaboration at a Fully Online Institution” and will present this topic at the 33rd Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience in San Diego, Calif., in February 2014.

Dr. Jim Brown (Adjunct Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) developed a three-week Online Science Laboratory Mastery Series for the Sloan Consortium to run this coming spring and fall.

Francesca CatalanoDr. Francesca Catalano (Faculty Director, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) was selected as a peer reviewer for the 2014-2015 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Program.

Linda Algozzini (College 100 Instructor) completed the Sloan C Teaching Certificate Program and presented her final portfolio on November 25.

Dr. Danny Welsch (Associate Professor, Science) and Wayne MacKenzie (Assistant Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will present during The Sloan Consortium Online Science Labs Mastery Series this coming spring and fall.

Dr. Phil Ice (Vice President, Research and Development), Melissa Layne (Director, Research Methodology), and Elizabeth Wallace (Director, Institutional Research) co-authored “Using the text analytics for surveys model and the community of inquiry to measure students’ perceptions of teaching presence in an online environment” for the Journal of Advanced Distributed Learning Technology.

Courtney BousquetCourtney Bousquet (Senior Career Coach) and Kristen Pearson (Career Coaching Manager) presented “Are we there yet? Meeting the Needs of our Clients Through Technology” at the Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Associations Annual Conference on December 5.

Nancy HeathDr. Nancy Heath (Program Director, Human Development and Family Studies) presented “Teaching Family Policy: From High School to Cyber School” and “Family Life Education and the Affordable Care Act” at the National Council on Family Relations 75th annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on November 6.

James Brown (Adjunct Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) was named one of the Top 40 Innovators in Education by the Center for Digital Education.

Dr. Lisa Miller (Associate Professor, Sports & Health Sciences), Tatiana Sehring (Director, Corporate & Strategic Relationships), and Michelle Maldonado (AVP, Corporate & Strategic Relationships) recently participated on a conference panel, “The Search for Brilliance: Five Steps to Spark Your Own Authentic Leadership Journey,” at the Human Capital Institute’s annual Learning and Leadership Development Conference hosted virtually and live in Boston, Mass.

Stephanie Matro (Manager, Student and Alumni Affairs) was awarded a grant by the Golden Key International Honour Society to attend it’s 2014 NASPA Conference in Baltimore, Md., in March 2014.

Dr. Angela M. Gibson (Director, First Year Experience) and Rob Mitchell (Solutions Designer, Institutional Research and Assessment) presented “Utilizing the Community of Inquiry Framework to Examine Military Student Success in a Fully Online Environment” at the 19th annual Sloan-C International Conference.

Angela GibsonDr. Angela Gibson (Director, First- Year Experience) will co-present “First-Year Curriculum Review: Cross-Institutional Collaboration at a Fully Online Institution” at the 33rd Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience in San Diego, Calif., in February 2014.

Dr. James “Jim” Reilly (AVP, Strategic Relations, STEM Projects) presented a workshop on risk mitigation and communication to law enforcement officers during the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Annual Conference.

Dave Malone (Sr. Law Enforcement Education Coordinator) and Mike Sale (Law Enforcement Education Coordinator) facilitated and presented on the topic of human trafficking at the Together Let’s Stop Traffick International Summit.

Jennifer HelmDr. Karan Powell (EVP, Provost) and Dr. Jennifer Stephens (VP, Institutional Research and Assessment) presented “Degree Qualifications Profile Framework” at the WCET Conference. The two also presented “Implementing The Degree Qualifications Profile Framework” and “Using the Degree Qualifications Profile: Institutional Examples of Promising Practices” at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Conference.

Dr. Karan Powell (EVP, Provost) chaired “Predictive Analytics” at the Academic Leadership Forum earlier this week.

Fred StielowDr. Fred Stielow (Dean of Libraries) published “Reinventing the Library for Online Education.” He has also been selected as one of the five most distinguished alumni who have graduated over the past for 50 years from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Libraries and Information Studies. He was honored with an award on November 7.

Jack Bozeman (Faculty Member, Criminal Justice) presented "What we have learned from Israel about International Terrorism" at the Security Solutions International Conference on November 5 in Orlando, Fla.

Dr. Brian Galli (Faculty Member, Transportation and Logistics) has completed his Ph.D. in engineering management and systems engineering at Old Dominion University.

Matthew Pate (Faculty Member, Criminal Justice) presented "Social Network Analysis as a Tool for POP” at the Center for Problem Oriented Policing Annual Conference on October 7 in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth (Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management) co-published his first children’s book, How Grandma Braided the Rain.

Mike Pittaro (Faculty Member, Criminal Justice) is the co-author of Crimes of the Internet. The book has been adopted into a cybercrime course that Mike teaches at several universities.

Dr. Kathleen Irwin (Program Director, Business Administration) and Dr. Chad Patrizi (Dean, School of Business) were named Best of the Region by the Eastern Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP Region 2) for their presentation “Keeping it REAL in the Digital Age.” Kathleen and Chad will represent Region 2 at the Best of the Regions Excellence Award competition during the 2014 ACBSP Annual Conference in June 2014 in Chicago.

Delena Spann (Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies) published “Fraud Analytics: Strategies & Methods for Detection and Prevention” for ACAMS Today.

Paul Michaels (Faculty Member, Security Management) is the recipient of Security Director News' 20 under 40 award. He is the Director of Program Security and Business Continuity at The National Academies | National Research Council.

Jennifer Williams (Faculty Member, History) wrote “Saying No” for US Daily Review.

Amanda WilsonAmanda Wilson (Senior Manager, Student and Alumni Affairs) delivered the keynote address at the National Society Collegiate Scholars’ Induction Ceremony for online students in the tri-state area on November 9.

Charlie Bindig (Senior Manager, Educational Outreach) presented “Servant Leadership and Student Achievement” on December 13 at the Texas Charter School Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mohamed Yimam (Transfer Student Liaison) published Wore Negari, an auto-biography that details Mohamed’s experiences and involvement as he grew up during the revolutionary period in Ethiopia during the 1970s.

Joseph Shaefer (Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies) presented “The First and Second Gulf Wars: What We Had Here Was a Failure to Communicate” at the Tahoe Veterans Club on November 7. 

Larry FlegleDr. Larry Flegle (Faculty Member, Sports Management) will present “Preparation for the Society of Broadcast Engineers Certified Radio Operator Exam” and “Using Social Media to Promote College Radio” at the 74th Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Annual Conference at Hotel Pennsylvania on March 7 in New York, N.Y.

Dr. Wally Boston (President & CEO) and Brian Muys (AVP, Public Relations) co-authored the whitepaper, “Educating Those Who Serve: Navigating the Regulatory Maelstrom of Outcomes Assessment, Compliance and Funding Challenges.” Wally also discussed the key findings of the paper at the Excelsior Presidents' Forum.

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