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SOCCOAST Approved Degree Programs

The following matrix reflects the approved AMU degree programs and concentrations eligible for the SOCCOAST Degree Network System.

Visit the APUS Transfer Credit Evaluation Center for detailed information on transfer credit policies pertaining to the SOCCOAST program or visit our FAQs page if you have specific questions about the SOCCOAST Degree Network System Programs.

Eligible SOCCOAST Degree
Network System Programs
B.A. in Homeland Security
(General Program Only)
B.A. in Intelligence Studies
(General Program Only)
B.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management
(General Program Only)
B.A. in Criminal Justice
(General Program Only)
B.A. in Management
Eligible Concentrations: General and Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Business Administration
Eligible Concentrations: General, Entrepreneurial/Small Business, Information Technology Management, International Business Management, and Marketing

AMU's Education Coordinators serve students at military installations throughout the U.S. including Clearwater CG Air Station, Elizabeth City CG Support Center, Petuluma CG Training Center, and many others.


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