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Military History Online Degrees

The history of armed conflict is rooted in ancient times and its lasting impact through the course of modern global warfare set the course for today’s societies, international relationships and global economic powers. As part of its flagship history program, the University offers respected and popular military history degrees that explore military historiography, leadership perspectives, theory and strategy. From the American Revolution, Civil War and World War II to the evolution of modern militaries and diplomacy, students will examine the critical battles, statecraft, strategy, command, military weaponry and technological advancements that turned the tide of war.

From victors to the vanquished, students explore powerful nations, fascinating leaders and military doctrines that set the course for war during critical periods of human history. The University offers its military history degrees entirely online and designed the curriculum to emphasize quality research, writing and discussion skills. This enables working adults to fit a career-relevant and intriguing education into their busy lives.

The military history degrees at the University attract a diverse array of students including military personnel, teachers and educators, government and business professionals, authors, scholars, avid history enthusiasts, and many more. Students engage with a dynamic group of peers devoted to expanding their breadth of knowledge while assessing diverse historical interpretations through research and thoughtful online discussions. The military history degree program also provides access to an outstanding online research library housing special academic texts and materials. In addition, students learn from experienced historians and military leaders, many who are experts and authors specializing in the crucial periods of military history.


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