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Career Profile - Terrence Warner, Master's Degree in Strategic Intelligence

Terrence Warner: Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence
Terrence Warner
In 2003, Tech. Sgt. Terrence Warner was at a crossroads in his career. He had already served 15 years in the U.S. Air Force as a law enforcement specialist, recruiter, and as an imagery analyst. He knew he wanted to retire when he reached 20 years of service. He also knew he needed to enhance his expertise in the intelligence sector for life after the military.

Earning that expertise was another matter for this father of five, who was working 12-hour shifts. Online learning was the only option.

“I am a self-directed learner. I thrive in the online learning environment,” Warner says.

And online learning — combined with American Military University’s strategic intelligence degree program — was the perfect match for Warner. American Military University is one of the few institutions to offer such a degree program. In fact, Warner lists many reasons why he chose AMU:

“Price, curriculum, course length, monthly course start times, and that AMU was accredited,” Warner says.

Tuition may have been the first factor -- his Air Force tuition assistance covered all of his course fees. However, the caliber of the program and his professors kept him going until his graduation in 2005.

“I was able to select from a wide variety of courses to meet my professional requirements,” Warner say. “The courses incorporated real world situations to add extra value.”

Warner says his professors quickly became mentors. He keeps in touch with many, even today. He valued the experience they brought from their own careers in the military or as federal intelligence officers.

“Each was extremely knowledgeable, yet had a ‘down-to-earth’ approach to teaching,” Warner says.

Warner says his degree helped him catch up with his peers in the military. He was proud that he even became the “go to” person.

Now retired, Warner says his studies helped him successfully transition to a civilian intelligence career with Lockheed Martin. He develops courses for intelligence professionals with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.  He says that AMU helps him every day, because he knows what information intelligence analysts need to do their jobs. He also infuses into his courses a process developed by Professor Jonathan Lockwood, called the Lockwood Analytical Method of Prediction.

“AMU was the smartest decision I have made in my life, next to marrying my wife,” Warner says. The couple recently welcomed child number seven.

Fast Facts:
►Woodbridge, VA.
►Service branch: U.S. Air Force Technical Sgt. Recently retired after serving 20 years
►Occupation: Lockheed Martin, contract curriculum developer for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
►Degree path: Graduated in 2005 with a master’s degree in strategic intelligence
►Career goal: Continue advancing in his intelligence career, eventually earning a management position


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