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Community College Graduate Transfer Information


If you are a community college graduate, you'll most likely be applying for admission here to one of our bachelor's degree programs, but you may also want to investigate our more concentrated certificates and learning tracks. View our undergraduate transfer student page for complete details on the differences between these program levels.

Depending on your program choice, you'll find that many of the credits you earned at your community college will transfer here. For example, if you attended any of our featured community colleges on the list below, or community colleges where we have established block-transfer agreements, your path to completing a bachelor's degree has been shortened for you. You worked hard at your community college; it's time to take advantage of that investment and continue on.

Featured Schools

Our featured schools offer course crosswalks that align earned associate degrees with specific bachelor’s programs here at APUS. These plans show course for course how students can maximize transfer credits and get started with up to 69 guaranteed transferrable credits. Select a community college for more information:

Block Transfer Schools

Similar to our schools with degree completion plans, block transfer agreements help you to seamlessly continue your post-secondary educational pursuits. Through the block transfer method, you will not go through a course-by-course evaluation of your course credits, as all of your conferred associate degree credits transfer as a group.

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Getting Help

Selecting the right program is a key step in ensuring a smooth admissions process and a successful educational experience. Many community college transfer students come to us unsure of which program to choose and where to begin. Our Admissions Representatives can help guide you through this important decision. To speak with a representative, call 877-777-9081 or email


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