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Criminal Justice

Undergraduate Learning Track

The undergraduate learning track in Criminal Justice introduces you to criminal justice and law enforcement theory and concepts. This program looks at the laws and court decisions relating to the admissibility of evidence, and covers issues related to the collection and preservation of evidence, as well as basic crime scene investigations. This 3-course learning track offers foundational knowledge for exploring careers in law enforcement professions.

Program Courses

The curriculum for this online program is reviewed by an advisory council of industry experts for relevancy to today’s marketplace. Course topics include:

  • Law enforcement functions, constitutional limitations, and ethics
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Evidence admissibility in courts
  • Interrogation methods and their uses
  • The U.S. criminal justice system and its administration

This learning track program is intended for undergraduate students who seek to heighten their knowledge of criminal justice without committing to a degree or certificate program. 

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Degree at a Glance

Admission Requirements

  • All AMU undergraduate programs require a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent (i.e. GED).
  • You may be asked to complete our College Readiness Assessment before registering for courses. Learn more.
  • If you have previous college experience, you will be asked to submit your transcripts from previous schools where you earned academic credit.
  • Please be prepared to submit a legible copy of your valid government-issued photo ID (civilian students) or government issued JST or CCAF transcript (military students) upon request.
  • There is no fee to complete the AMU admission application. View steps to apply.

Need help?

Selecting the right program to meet your educational goals is a key step in ensuring a successful outcome. If you are unsure of which program to choose, or need more information, please contact an AMU admissions representative at 877-777-9081 or

Additional Costs

In addition to tuition & fees for this program, please note:

  • You will be required to take our COLL099 Classroom Success course. This is a non-credit bearing course that has no associated tuition costs, but does incur a $50 course fee.
  • You will not be able to use military tuition assistance (TA), veteran’s educational benefits, or federal student aid (FSA) to pay for learning track courses.