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Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

Part-Time Instructor, Security and Global Studies


Ph.D. in BA- Criminal Justice
Northcentral University
M.A. in Criminal Justice
American Military University

Research Interests

COLL100 - Foundations of Online Learning CMRJ100 - Introduction to Law Enforcement CMRJ202 - Stress Management in Law Enforcement CMRJ203 - Patrol Methodologies and Community Policing CMRJ322 - Crime and the Family CMRJ329 - Criminal Profiling CMRJ302 - U.S. Law Enforcement CMRJ303 - Criminology CMRJ306 - Criminal Investigation CMRJ308 - Ethics in Criminal Justice HLSS303 - Homeland Security Risk, Threats and Consequences HLSS312 - Port Security

Positions Held

2015 - Present
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
Reserve Deputy
2006 - Present
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
United States Coast Guard Reserve Chief
2006 - 2013
City of Sunrise, Florida Police Department
Police Officer
1997 - 2006
U.S. Coast Guard
Law Enforcement Supervisor

Intellectual Contributions

Tunnel Vision and Chronic Stress: How to Manage Your Physiological Responses

Jarrod Sadulski
August 28, 2017
In Public Safety

Unintended Consequences of Technology in Policing

Jarrod Sadulski
July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 24, 2017

Why Your Off-Duty Life is Important for Stress Management

Jarrod Sadulski
June 30, 2017
In Public Safety

Promoting Police Resiliency through Peer Support

Jarrod Sadulski
March 27, 2017

Understanding How Police Cope with Stress to Promote Resiliency: Multiple Case Study

Jarrod Sadulski Graduate
March 3, 2017
ProQuest ETD Administrator

Managing Police Stress to Strengthen Relationships at Home

Jarrod Sadulski
February 28, 2017
In Public Safety

Local Law Enforcement's Role in Combating Human Trafficking

Jarrod Sadulski
June 10, 2014
In Public Safety

Impacts of Synthetic Drugs Like Spice and Bath Salts on Officer Safety

Jarrod Sadulski
May 08, 2014
In Public Safety

Achieving Your Educational Goals While in Military Service, A Real World Approach

Jarrod Sadulski
May 2011
NGOB Publishing


Effective Stress Management Strategies to Promote Resiliency in Police Officers

The Changing/Evolving Nature of Criminal Justice in the South
September 28, 2017

Disaster Mitigation through Knowledge and Preparation – Making the Case for Coastal Resiliency

Center for Teaching and Learning Brown Bag Colloquium
March 15, 2017

Understanding how Police Cope with Stress to Promote Resilience - A Multiple Case Study

Dissertation Defense
January 4, 2017

Media Contributions

Preparing for a Successful Career as a Military Spouse

Social Media - Blog

The Persistent and Evolving Threat of Colombian Cocaine into the United States

In Homeland Security
June 18, 2018
Social Media - Blog

How to Avoid Burnout throughout Your Career in the Military

In Military
May 29, 2018
Social Media - Blog

The Benefits of Transitioning to the Reserves from Active-Duty Military Service

In Military
May 3, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Organization Is a Key Skill for Online Students to Possess

Online Learning Tips
May 2, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Toxic Leadership Has a Negative Effect on the Military Workplace

In Military
April 27, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Stress Management Techniques for the Spouses of Police Officers

In Public Safety
April 10, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Preparing for a Successful Transition to the Civilian Workforce from Military Service
April 3, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Promoting Resilience for Military Children who Experience School Changes due to Military PCS Transfers
April 3, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Leveraging Your Military Experience to Prepare for a Career in Law Enforcement
March 21, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Tips for Earning a College Education during Active-Duty Military Service
March 8, 2018
Social Media - Blog

Preparing Police Officers to Answer Active Shooter or Mass Casualty Calls

March 1, 2018

Money Laundering through Bitcoin Transactions Creates More Challenges for Law Enforcement

February 21, 2018

The Necessity of Increasing Physical Security at Our Nation's Schools

February 21, 2018

Securing Our Maritime Borders: The Coast Guard's Response to Today's Emerging Threats

In Homeland Security
January 31, 2018

Mental Preparedness for First Responders: Preparing for the Disaster

EDM Digest
January 29, 2018

How Police Departments Can Help Officers Cope with Stress and Trauma

In Public Safety
January 28, 2018

Awards & Honors

May 2010
ASIS International 2010 Law Enforcement Award
American Society for Industrial Security
An American Society for Industrial Security award for achievements in criminal investigations.
February 2010
Police Department Officer of the Year, 2009
City of Sunrise Police Department
I received the Department Officer of the Year Award and two Officer of the Month Awards for my involvement in plain clothes burglary suppression operations and arrests.
Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon
U.S. Coast Guard
Provided during active duty service in the Coast Guard.
May 6, 2005
Federal Employee of the Year Nominee
South Florida Federal Executive Board
I was the Coast Guard's Nominee in the Federal Employee of the Year Awards Program for accomplishments in federal law enforcement.
June 23, 2004
Coast Guard Commendation Medal
U.S. Coast Guard
Medal awarded for federal law enforcement and interdiction operations activities between January 2003 and June 2004
Global War on Terror Service Medal
U.S. Coast Guard
Coast Guard Medal awarded for participation in Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Operations.