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Biography - Lawrence A Bowdish

I grew up in Panama City, Florida, in the shadow of what used to be the Naval Coastal System Center. In High School, I concentrated on math by captaining the Math and Calculus Teams (almost as nerdy as it sounds) and on theater (Shakespeare and Musicals, mostly). In 2000, I went to New College of Florida in Sarasota, and earned a degree in History and Economics in 2004 while I captained the Quiz Bowl Team and waited for tropical storms to risk my life in the Gulf of Mexico. For some reason I still do not quite grasp, I left Florida for Ohio, and earned a Masters and a Ph.d in American History from THE Ohio State University in Columbus, though I currently live in Arlington, VA. My research is on consumer credit, and I have written on mortgages and credit cards. My current project is on the history and policy of student loans.

When I am not improving your educational experience through APUS, you can find me playing basketball poorly, playing good video games (usually also poorly), watching bad movies, or listening to music made between 1979 and 1998.


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