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Meet Our Students

At American Military University, we teach driven working adult students to soar higher in their fields. The students on this page all come from different walks of life and have their own reasons for continuing their educational journey. View their stories and you'll see how, at AMU, we are as committed to your success as you are.

Max Aulakh


Veteran and entrepreneur Max Aulakh always wanted to be an entrepreneur and founded Mafazo Digital Solutions after leaving the service. He credits much of his success to his education at AMU. "I wouldn't be an expert in the cybersecurity field today without the knowledge I gained from my courses. The military teaches you practical, but they don't teach you theoretical concepts that are timeless.”

Chanda Chann


Chanda Chann is a Khmer Rouge survivor, which taught her early on how to adapt quickly and find her inner strength, confidence, and courage. Today, Chanda is a successful property manager with a commercial real estate company. “I was the first in my family to get a college degree. As a military spouse, I needed a school that would allow me to connect and finish my program regardless of where I was. I finished my schooling on the road.”

Earl Day


U.S. Marine Corps veteran Earl Day explains that getting his degree in Fire Science was the best way he could be competitive in the job market as a firefighter. Earl has a deeply rooted passion to help others. In the military, he served his country, and now he's serving his community as a firefighter and EMT. "The calling of being a firefighter provides a sense of satisfaction from helping people on a daily basis."

Tyler Drennan


U.S. Air Force veteran Tyler Drennan enrolled at AMU as a Criminal Justice major, but later switched to IT because he was always been interested in all things technical and enjoyed creating websites and fixing computers. "Finding the joy in a subject area can set you up for success in your studies," said Tyler. After graduation, he was accepted into a prestigious "Veterans for IT" program at USAA insurance, and works there today as a full stack developer.

Joseph Gray


Veteran Joseph Gray explains how cancer gave him a whole new perspective on life, and how that lead him to pursue a degree in military history. Joseph says that the flexibility and the military-friendly environment at AMU helped him to achieve his academic goals. “The professors knew what we go through when we're deployed in combat, and that was really important to me.” With the battlefield of Afghanistan in the past, today Joseph is a Civil War interpreter at national battlefields.

Kent Harraid


Despite his disability, Kent Harraid was able to reach one of his lifelong dreams. His passion for aviation along with his AMU degree helped to open the right  doors for Kent, and today he works in his dream job at the Frontiers of Flight museum. "I have faced diversity and overcome obstacles, but whatever your circumstances, keep going. I always had a dream to get my degree, and through this university that dream has come to fruition."

Linwood Harrison


Master Sergeant Linwood Harrison, recipient of the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, plans to earn a master’s degree and work in the intelligence field after his retirement. He knows that military friendly AMU understands the challenges he faces and the personal investment he is making. “The AMU professors supported me through several significant events in my life: while I was deployed, during a permanent change of station move (PCS), and through a cancer diagnosis. My professors not only encouraged me to study, but also to live.”

Al Hopper


While working on his MBA, Al Hopper discovered that going to school online set him up for success in today's workplace. "I believe going to school online gives you a better skill set for today's new way of working. AMU makes it easy to be a successful student. I got to know my fellow students and scheduling classes together with them really helped me finish my degree." Al co-founded SocialPath Solutions in San Antonio, TX, and has been recognized for his leadership in social media customer service and engagement.

Bai Kamara


U.S. Army Major Bai Kamara won a visa lottery to come to the U.S., and joined the Army to show his thanks. "I am a humble country boy from West Africa who was able to fulfill his American dream." Bai talks about his passion to learn, and why he chose to get his degree at AMU. "What surprised me about AMU is the flexibility it provides. When I was a student I was deployed in Afghanistan, but I was able to juggle my work with my studies."

Wes O'Donnell


Veteran and entrepreneur Wes O'Donnell explains how he had all the tools he needed from his AMU courses to start his own business. "What drives me, is to be in the position to help other individuals achieve greatness and be successful.” The author of "Rise. The Veteran's Field Manual for Starting Your Own Business and Conquering the Online Economy,” Wes also contributes articles to university blogs and media partners.

Dr. Gabrielle Newsam


With an interest in sports medicine, Dr. Gabrielle Newsam decided to garner another bachelor's degree on top of her medical degree. "AMU had the program that I was looking for and it was very convenient," said Dr. Newsam. Currently serving as the physician for the Military Entrance Processing Station in Raleigh, NC, she says, "My AMU experience has helped me become a better clinician.”

Latasha McWright


Latasha McWright tried four different universities for her master’s degree, and quit all four. It wasn't until she started attending AMU and transferred her previous credits earned that she realized how close to her goal she actually was. Latasha earned her M.A. in Management and went from sitting at the front desk to sitting in board meetings discussing strategy with the CEO. "Graduating has changed my life tremendously."

Susan Bruce-Ross


U.S. Navy veteran Susan Bruce-Ross comes from a military family and upon her retirement formed a non-profit organization to help veterans transition to civilian life. "There comes a time when you have to cut the cord and that you are going to retire," says Susan of her military career. "AMU understands what the active duty military person is going through and they make it possible for you to get your degree as you prepare to leave service.” Susan is also the CEO of an company offering treatment services for severely mentally ill adults.

Yesli Vega


A passion for justice and helping people motivated Yesli Vega to join the police force and to pursue a B.A. in Criminal Justice. "Taking online courses is sometimes perceived as easy, but it's the opposite!" Yesli says being a working mom and a student means juggling your family, career and your schoolwork. "The flexibility of AMU allowed me to get everything done. My courses also enhanced the way I think. Now, I’m more aware and respectful of people’s different points of view. My degree helps me better communicate with the people I serve.”