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Mentoring Quick Tips & Help

Finding a mentor or mentee

To connect with mentors or mentees in one-to-one mentoring, visit the “Get Connected” tab and select “Online Directory.” Search for members of the mentoring program by selecting a "mentoring status."

Joining a networking group

To network, discuss, and share resources with mentees and mentors of the same discipline or interest, visit the “Mentoring” tab in The Quad and select “Group Mentoring.” Click on the group name from the mentoring groups list and select "join group" on the group's homepage.

If your mentor or mentee is not responding

Mentoring partners should give their mentor or mentee a reasonable amount of time to respond to communications. If they have not responded after a reasonable amount of time, select a different mentoring partner by searching the "Online Directory" under the "Get Connected" tab within The Quad or request assistance from the GMN administrator by emailing

Please note: It is essential to discuss communication expectations with your mentoring partner early in the relationship and to keep each other informed of any potential delays.

Contacting the GMN administrator

Questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the GMN should be sent to the administrator, Tina Hockaday, by emailing or calling 877-468-6268 x 8262.

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